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When you receive the news you have a serious condition or illness it is naturaly you want to find out as much as you can about it before you decide on a treatment. The Internet has empowered individuals to find new ways of treating common illnesses. However, this is time consuming and includes much outdated material. was launched to provide the most up to date information around the most common medical conditions, causes, treatment options with side effects for each, videos of treatments and surgical procedures, prevention methods and where appropriate, alternative treatment options.

TreatandCure is your easy to read guide to causes, prevention and treatment of conditions such as:




Chronic Pain Syndrome



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WARNING: This site is informational only. Please consult your medical professional for medical advice. Many pages contain videos of cancer treatments that may contain nudity or disturbing surgical images. Please allow additional time for these pages to load.

Mortality due to chronic disease is declining, in spite of relative growth in key diseases. This is due to the ever improving treatment options and the earlier detection of such diseases. Most of these conditions are preventable with the right nutition, exercise and life planning skills. In spite of this, most individuals are doing little to prevent these diseases.

The current expectations we place on ourselves to achieve more is leading to poor diets, little exercise and increasing stress. These three components have a major impact on the ability of the body to nourish itself and remove toxic wastes. When these wastes build up - cells get overloaded with toxins, leading to DNA mutation, called cancer.

Treat and Cure is committed to helping you with learning more about these common conditions and showing you how to effect positive lifestyle changes.

Whether it is cancer, diabetes, obesity, alzheimers or any other chronic condition, TreatAndCure will provide you will easy to read [few medical terms] information, videos and links to more indepth information and assistance.


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